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How to talk to your manager about career development

How to talk to your manager about career development

A decade ago, the advancement of career was completely about moving up but now the companies are flatter and focusing more things on the cross functioning and collaboration teams.

have a difficult conversation with your bossThe workers wish to learn different things to have a difficult conversation with your boss but there are lots of things you should need to consider before starting a discussion. The following are the few important tips which have to be considered by everyone to have the critical meetings with your office manager or boss to talk about your career development.

At the same time, you will also get a feedback which you expect to manage your proper career growth when you are following these tips suggested by the experts.

Tips for your career development:

  • Take the regular notes – Even though following a performance journal is the best idea, the reality is that the persons wouldn’t remember everything.

You can’t and the information will be lost at all. Sometimes, you would also mix up the events, facts and the people. This is why it is highly recommended taking the notes regularly in your personal journal. It is absolutely the best habit when will make your career development discussion with the boss good. Your personal journal entries might range from sharing ideas for the new training, examples of the successes, challenges or difficult conversations you have had and also describing any issues.

prepare for a meeting with hr and your bossBy this way, there is no chance to forget anything, you can enhance your skills and build the closer relationship with your higher officials.

  • Set the agenda for your meeting – When considering agenda, it probably includes the important items you think must be discusses, progress to date, an update on the career development plans, top activities you are focused on, and also a list of good news items which will reflect your achievements which will be discussed and to be agreed.
  • Practice – Before going to prepare for a meeting with hr and your boss, you should need to have the dress rehearsal because it definitely helps you prepare for having the best career conversation.

It greatly comes down to your professional meeting preparation. For the personal practice, you can take your goals, aspirations and successes in advance, think about strengths and the various areas in which you will need the improvement, skill development and etc.

  • Remember the 3C’s of personal branding and career development – When it comes to the career development, everyone has to consider 3C’s including congruence, context and also competencies.

The congruence is all about understanding a relationship between the goals and also your personal career along with the organization goals. Context means knowing more about the culture of the organization for your career development. In order to leverage the congruent and context goals, you need competencies.

Similarly for your career development, you should need to agree on what really the growth means for your desired career and do the things towards it and be succeed in your life.