Why it is important to have a portfolio?

Why it is important to have a portfolio?

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  1. What to include in a portfolio for an interview?
  2. How to write a portfolio
  3. Things to know about portfolio
  4. Excellent benefits of having portfolio

According to the studies says that all hiring managers are impressed by the candidate online portfolio when compared to personal branding tool. As everyone knows job search is all about marketing yourself. Basically cover letter, resume, online portfolio and networking are the best tool which allows job seeker for accomplishing the task. In a competitive job market, you must use this tool. Portfolio is really useful for hiring manager to find out the information about you. If you are having interesting and exciting portfolio then it can provide plenty of benefits such as:

  • Maximized visibility
  • Organization
  • Added value to the job applications
  • Reflection

Online portfolio might act as the extension to other kinds of job application material because it is useful to market yourself beyond your cover letter or resume. If you are looking to show off your skill and qualifications then online portfolio is the perfect choice. It is providing excellent flexibility and freedom while creating online portfolio which includes video, photo, presentation slides, writing skills, recommendations and link for your work. If you are willing to get your dream job then creating best online portfolio is necessary one.
To build you portfolio

What to include in a portfolio for an interview?

In case you are planning to attend interview then you must create best portfolio and it might consist of six main parts like:

  • Introduction
  • Professional background summary
  • STAR behavioral examples
  • Sample solutions
  • Awards and recommendations
  • Closing page

When content could be similar on what’s at your resume then your portfolio might take it step further to the “show and tell” your skill along with the specific example. Your portfolio must show off your creative skills so that you can easily hire by manager. The introduction contains of theme page and engaging cover when you will describe about in one or two sentences.

Professional background contains A-Glance section of your visual timeline of career path, cumulative knowledge, any kinds of certification which you have and your education. In case you are created Infographic resume summary then you might use the same information in these sections.

Suppose you are not having sufficient cumulative information for each section then you might focus on your career path and education by combining two into the one timeline. STAR format is one of the best ways to show off your creative skills. Generally portfolio is the visual forced with the different examples.


How to write a portfolio

If you are searching for the job then creating strong portfolio is necessary one and you must follow some tips while creating portfolio such as:

  • Visual example is stronger when compared to describe your work. Same principles of the presentation might apply to the job interview. Basically visual aid is more convincing.
  • A well prepared portfolio might demonstrate job seeker prepared to do certain jobs.
  • Career portfolio may demonstrate that you could be well organized and your abilities. It makes sure that you stand out as the applicant.
  • Physical appearance of the portfolio is necessary one because first impression is the best impression.

Portfolio is quiet similar to the resume and it is meant to summarize job applicant employment ability and history. If you are having best career portfolio then you can get plenty of benefits such as demonstration of skill, better preparation, stand out crowd and so on.

Each portfolio could be different and it might range from 5-20 pages. Now a day most of the students are taking some courses which can differentiate yourself from others. Portfolio is the living document and it could be the personal reflection of what you are.

Things to know about portfolio

An employment portfolio is the organized collections of the document which might demonstrate your skills, work history and talents. Employment portfolio is really beneficial to you because it is providing more numbers of the benefits. If you are willing to make excellent portfolio then you must follow some essential tips such as:
Paper portfolio

  • Presentation is everything
  • Keep images clear
  • Use copies
  • Employ consistent formatting
  • Proofread for errors
  • Organize portfolio different sections

While creating portfolio, you must concern about certain things such as marketable skills, personal information, work samples, accomplishments and qualification. You are always recommended to use index tab or title page to the separate section. You must use premium quality of graphics, image and photographs.

A well structured portfolio is the excellent resource to any job seeker but you must know when and how to use it during the interview. Having professional online presence is necessary one because it can maximize your visibility. Plenty of sample portfolios are available in online which are really useful to you and you can also get excellent guidance from this portfolio. Include copy of resume in the portfolio is necessary one

Excellent benefits of having portfolio

Now a day creating best portfolio is necessary one when you look to get your desire job. Good portfolio can provide plenty of advantages such as:

  • Creates an impression
  • Visibility
  • Exhibits your talent
  • Display technical skills
  • Versatility

In a portfolio, page header must be in same place on every page. At the same time you are advisable to use same font throughout portfolio. You can also get help from others while you create portfolio. A portfolio is the valuable tool so you must have well prepared and excellent one so that you can get your dream job. Take your own time which is sufficient to prepare best portfolio according to your desire.

It could be composed of different items such as resume, cover letter, copies of the educational certificate and reference page. Smart job seeker might know about importance of having strong portfolio. With the help of portfolio, you can show sample of your work to the employer. It is one of the impressive and best methods to showcase your training, accomplishment and experience. You are advisable to pay attention to the portfolio because it is really useful to your career growth.